What is Vaping

Here is the basic mode of operation of an electronic cigarette, voluntarily ultra-simplified. It is based on three elements:

  • a wick (absorbent material) that we will “absorb” liquid.
  • a resistance
  • a battery

The Principle

The resistor, which is in contact with the wick, heats up when the battery delivers current. The heat generated turns the liquid in the wick into steam.

The different types of wicks, resistance, and equipment in general rule are detailed in dedicated chapters.

CBD liquids

CBD liquids are available in several different CBD levels. they do not have nicotine, because the combination of nicotine (stimulant) and CBD (calming) can lead to the loss of effects two molecules, the effects “cancel each other out”, it is therefore of no use to have or add nicotine in these liquids.

Liquids have several levels of CBD, usually between 100 and 500mg. The rate corresponds to the concentration of CBD in the 10ml bottle. Without surprises, the higher the rate, the more the effects are felt.

The frequency of vape on a CBD liquid is not the same as on a classic e-liquid: in fact the liquid CBD is used for a few minutes in a day, do not overdo it all day especially when you are at your place of work or before taking the car. Use it during a moment of relaxation.

If you use too much liquid CBD sleep effect can be felt, it is necessary in this case to stop vape for a moment.

Liquid CBD can be used on any material, it depends on the feeling of each, if the effects are too strong, you must take a little less powerful material, but we advise you to start on a small equipment. Often liquid CBD or CBD isolates are mixed with gummies to make CBD gummies in UK from CBDOilKing.co.uk these CBD gummies are designed to deliver a set dose of CBD per gummy, and is ideal for people starting out on thier CBD journey.

E-liquids are mainly composed of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, two ingredients found in various industries, food, cosmetics or pharmacology. We also find aromas that give liquids their taste and make the vape pleasant.

CBD Vape Pen

Propylene glycol (PG) allows above all to transport the flavors contained in liquids, it fluidifies the e-liquid and accentuates the “hit”. The “hit” is the sensation of contraction of the throat during the passage of steam, it is very present in liquids containing high levels of nicotine, but also in liquids CBD. Vegetable glycerin (VG) allows above all a good production of steam. It makes e-liquids viscous and slightly sweet.

CBD e-liquids are therefore composed of a base with a PG / VG ratio that oscillates between 80/20 and 60/40, depending on the manufacturer. There are e-liquid used with CBD pen london with aromas of tobacco, vanilla or mint, but there are also liquid terpenes with a very vegetal taste reminiscent of hemp. Terpenes are extracted from the same plant as CBD and are mainly used for their olfactory properties.

E-liquids with CBD are available in different dosages, which allow to propose a range of effects with variable intensities. CBD assays are expressed in a different way from nicotine assays; the dose of CBD is expressed in mg / vial (or mg / 10 ml), unlike nicotine, which is expressed in mg / ml.

There are four main groups of dosages:

Low: in this category, we find dosages between 30mg and 100mg, for light effects and a consumption that can be daily or occasional.

Means: in this category, we have dosages between 100mg and 300mg, for present effects and a rather concentrated use at a time of the day.

Strong: here we find dosages over 300mg, with very present effects and occasional and occasional use advised.

Boosters: CBD boosters usually have dosages above 600mg and should not be swallowed alone. They must be diluted in a base of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine.

The Vaporization of the CBD

To vaporise CBD, it is not necessary to invest in very expensive equipment, a beginner electronic cigarette with a medium power and a simple clearomiseur will do the job. As for conventional e-liquids, simply fill the tank or clearomizer with your electronic cigarette and snap the ignition button to vapotize. The battery will then heat the resistor located in the clearomizer, this resistance soaked with e-liquid will then allow the vaporization and thus the creation of steam.

If you are looking for an electronic cigarette adapted to e-liquid CBD, you can discover our selection of vape material.

When inhaling the CBD that is vaporized in the electronic cigarette, we have a very good absorption of the molecule by the body, this is one of the characteristics that makes the strength of e-liquid CBD.