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Hello there my name is Michael I’m 33 years old and I’m a vapers with I can say that I have range of interests and experiences that have come together to create more efficiency and knowledge in choosing the right vaporizers and accessories . Though this blogs I will be charging my experience with you and also learn from your feedback.

If you want your vaporizer to last a long time and function optimally, it is important to clean it regularly. The resin that remains in the device is extremely sticky and dirty the parts, even the flavor of the steam can be impacted by this substance. Read below how to clean the most important parts.

Herbs Compartment / Screens

These components clean well with alcohol. Soak for several hours to dissolve the resin and other dirt.

Put all the metal and glass components in a container with household alcohol.

Shake the components and let the alcohol work. Remove the screens after one hour.

Let the larger glass components soak overnight.

Rinse all components to remove remaining dirt.


The hose can also be cleaned with household alcohol. On the other hand, the hose may discolour and the alcohol may give an unpleasant taste to the hose.

Other options:

Put a screw or nail of a smaller diameter inside the tube in the pipe. Use a wire to make a kind of pipe cleaner.

Use a straightened paper clip to clean the part of the pipe that is connected to the firebox.

Replace the hose; Rubber hoses of a medical grade are easy to find.

Pay attention to the correct diameter and length when you buy a new hose.

Temperature Settings

The correct temperature of the vaporizer is very personal. The different models of vaporizers available are as diverse as our taste.

Why pay attention to temperature while other qualities such as discretion and structure are important?

As you would expect, we want the best taste and the best vaping experience possible. And the temperature setting plays a crucial role. Let’s look at the most difficult part.

Why The Temperature Of The Vaporizer Is Important

When the heating element of a vaporizer reaches a temperature of 230 degrees or more, dry herbs begin to burn and the main benefit of a vaporizer is compromised. That is the production of steam. In addition, the steam that turns into smoke, will have a taste of burnt popcorn. You do not just inhale harmful substances but your expensive cannabis does not taste good either.

So, if you inhale dry herbs in this way, you inhale harmful substances that look like toxic substances produced by tobacco for example. These harmful substances are released during combustion. Some examples of these substances are carbon monoxide, tar, benzene, ammonia, naphthalene and formaldehyde. While some substances may cause symptoms such as drowsiness, loss of appetite and headache, it is even possible that these substances cause mutations at the cellular level. These mutations can cause cancers for example. You understand that vaping just below the point of combustion is the best solution.

Sprays include heating elements that heat the grasses without burning them but releasing substances such as THC and CBD. You know that the material works properly when an orange / brown residue is formed.

Low quality vaporizers produce black residue or ashes. It is a sign of combustion. Portable vaporizers now have efficient heating systems with very precise temperature settings. This allows the user to choose the temperature that suits him the most.

As more and more people become aware of the risks of smoking, the vaporizer is becoming more and more popular. To date, few studies have been done on the long-term effects of vaping. Probably because of the still dominant fear of cannabis use and lack of government support.


There are of course many possible alternatives to take cannabis without smoking, think about edible products with cannabis or dyes. Brownies, candies and cakes are ideal for adding cannabis extracts. But the main problem of cannabis foods is that the effect is not immediately noticeable because of the slow decomposition by the body of the active substances. Often we do not know exactly the dose absorbed before noticing the effects.

vaping is the best and safest way to enjoy all the benefits of the cannabis plant. Whether it is a recreational or medicinal use. We cannot think of a better way to instantly enjoy the taste and effect of cannabis.

The perfect temperature for the vaporization of cannabis

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